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Health Management from the University of Huelva
Equipo de Dirección de Salud

The Health Management from the University of Huelva, was born with the concept of university which promotes health, it doesn’t just involve establishing the means that lead to health education and health promotion for its workers and its students, but it also involves integrating health and well- being into university culture processes and the university system and environment, making it easier for people and social groups to increase control over the determinants of their health to improve it. The collaboration and participation of different services and sectors as well as society is essential to sustain action on health promotion.

It is important to distinguish between the positive meaning of health promotion and the concept of prevention regardless of whether risk prevention has its own legislative and finantial framework.


  1. To incorporate health promotion in the university fabric through plans and actions that cover the three groups that make up the university community such as students, teaching and research staff and administration and service staff, enhancing the university as an environment promoting the health of the university community and society as a whole.
  2. This Management will serve as an information point and meeting among all members of the university community, being a reference for the development of projects, training actions, awareness- raising, mediation, research, evaluation and intervention to promote health in the University of Huelva.